1. ISMJ 2015/16 – Linking stories

The first project week of the ISMJ in Vienna took place in August 2015 and focused on the topic of migration. The focus was on people who came to Austria from Ukraine for various reasons. This resulted in the four projects “Realitycheck“, “Calling home“, “Successful Migration” and “Art moves“. During the research in Vienna, the participants not only learned about interesting stories, but also about cultural differences and similarities in journalistic work.

Propaganda was the central theme of the four projects “Fleeing Propaganda“, “Erasing Communism“, “Propaganda in Crimea” and “Fake” during the second project week in February 2016 in Lemberg, Ukraine. All groups interpreted the theme in a different way and talked to people from different fields.

Impressions of the 1. ISMJ 2015/16

Lectures on history, the media system and journalistic work during the war also gave the Austrian participants a better impression of the current political situation in Ukraine.



2. ISMJ 2016 – Keys to Good Governance

From the second round onwards, the project partners agreed on a uniform focus topic for both project weeks. The second edition of the International School of Multimedia Journalism took place in July and August 2016 in Vienna and Lemberg on the topic of Good Governance.

The four projects “Food Safety“, “Transparency: A key to good governance“, “Cycling into a better future” and “Volunteering” were developed in Vienna. In Lviv the participants developed the projects “Bus to Pluto“, “Follow the dog“, “The Grand Lviv Cinema Hall” and “Building Trust: One Smile At A Time“.

All of the works focused on projects, initiatives and people and highlighted various aspects of good governance. During the research, the participants learned not only interesting stories, but also cultural differences and similarities in journalistic work, thus developing a better understanding of the countries and their habits.

Impressions of the 2. ISMJ 2016

The programme in Vienna was rounded off with visits to the APA, the House of the EU and lectures on the Austrian media system and the OSCE’s work priorities. Lectures on the Crimean Tatars and a trip to the Lviv region were on the agenda in Lviv.


3. ISMJ 2017 – Ecology

In the year 2017 the ISMJ was dedicated to the topic of ecology; the project weeks were set for February (Vienna) and July (Lemberg). An approach that had proved its worth and was retained in the following years.

The project work in Vienna focused on the central issues of food waste (“Food Waste“), food sharing (“Sharing is caring“), eco-technologies (“Ecotech“), water supply (“The Power of Water“) and waste management in a city with over a million inhabitants (“A Clockwork Orange“). Among other things, the participants dealt with the following questions: How can we avoid food waste, which technologies can we use to save the planet, or what measures are in place in Austria and other countries to avoid waste?

During the second project week in Lemberg the four projects “Sustainable LVIVing“, “The Sound of Noise“, “By Bread Alone“, “EarthWorkers” and “Bear Necessities” were developed.

Impressions of the 3. ISMJ 2017

At lectures of the MA 22 – the Environmental Protection Department of the City of Vienna and the Austrian Ecological Institute – the participants were given insights into the current ecological focal points in Austria. The programme was rounded off with an excursion to the daily newspaper “Der Standard” and a guided tour through the Vienna City Hall.

4th ISMJ 2017 – Creative Industries

The fourth ISMJ took place in 2018 on the topic of Creative Industries. From virtual reality (“VR is not dead“), to open spaces in the city (“The Space We Share“), accessibility on websites and apps (“Reconnect“), street music in Vienna (“Busking Vienna“) or equal rights in the creative industry (“Create Equal“), the participants addressed a wide variety of topics and thus also demonstrated the importance and influence of the creative industry on our everyday lives.

The students had to overcome linguistic and cultural hurdles as well as time pressure. The students received input at a lecture given by the Creative Centre of the Vienna Business Agency. The programme was rounded off by a guided tour through the Vienna City Hall, during which Barbara Novak, Member of the Vienna Parliament, gave an insight into the Smart City Strategy of the City of Vienna.

The second project week took place at the beginning of July 2018 at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine. In addition to a lecture on economic developments and dependencies in the creative industries, the participants visited a former and now replayed factory site with concert halls and galleries, the !FESTrepublic.

Impressions of the 4. ISMJ 2018

In the project work the participants dealt with various topics, including the revitalization of industrial wastelands (“Mind the Gap“), the city marketing of Lviv (“Branding Lviv“), the renaissance of lost musical instruments (“Hurdy Gordiy“), video games for older people (“Grandpixels“) as well as the street art scene in Lviv (“Muralization“).