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Operation Identity – Exploring Ukrainian Refugee’s Connection to their Homeland

This is the story of three Ukrainian refugees who are forced to grapple with the importance of their national identity because of relocation. Anastasiia, a young artist, is choosing to let go of her roots to try and numb the pain of war. Meanwhile, Lisa and Alla, two workers at a refugee center, have decided to go in the opposite direction and focus their efforts on traditions and language to keep in touch with their culture.

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Looking for a safe place – How refugees live after arriving in the European Union

Almost two years ago, on February 24, 2022, the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops began. Many people were forced to leave the country or move to the west immediately. According to the UNHCR, 13.7 million Ukrainians have left their country since that February, 6.4 have since returned to Ukraine. The destination for many are countries in the European Union. A story about the situation of refugees in the European Union, based on data, personal stories and assessments of people working in refugee aid. It shows that the difficulties for refugees often do not end with arrival in a safe country.

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Homeless in Europe

In the EU homelessness has more than doubled within the past 15 years. At the moment, there are almost 895,000 people who are homeless. Therefore, the EU has set a 2030 deadline to eradicate homelessness, mostly through housing-led initiatives.

As of right now, the only EU nations that have made any progress in decreasing homelessness are Finland and Denmark. While Austria has made substantial strides in reducing homelessness, still, the country’s consistently high rate of homeless people remains concerning – like in the rest of the EU’s member states.

Consequently, what is Austria lacking? And will the Finnish model continue to be the exception, or will the EU be able to improve the lives of around 900.000 people in just six years?

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Shaping Europe of Tomorrow – Young Voices from Georgia to Denmark

Recent research highlights a hesitancy among EU citizens towards expanding borders, with ten nations awaiting a decision. In this process, the younger generation is actively influencing the future course of the European Union and have the ability to match choices to the ideals and goals of the diverse populace that will shape the future of the continent.

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Fast Fashion and clothing dispose 

The storyline of this project has been covering the climate crises trough the lense of what effect on the climate individual choices are impacted by – A start up vintage-business in the city of Wroclaw, a zero waste activist and a voxpop in which people on the streets of the main square of the cultural city of Poland where asked on their relation to second hand clothes.

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Barking up the wrong trees

The climate crisis is an existential threat to everyone, everywhere, anytime. But still, sometimes other crises are dominating the news. Sometimes this is justified – like during a pandemic or in the middle of a war. But in Austria there is a lot of talk about migration … as if it was a similar threat. When and why journalists are barking up the wrong tree.

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