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Operation Climate

Over the decades, protests and demonstrations against the climate crisis have changed and evolved into civil disobedience. The question we want to address is, how effective are those protests in our day and age and how do we get people to care, especially those who believe we are too far gone or have developed a high level of apathy. Activists, passivists, experts and authoritative figures weigh in on this crucial issue. 

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Climate Injustice

This is not another story about climate change. 

It’s a tale about the vulnerable groups, elderly people, kids, women, people with disabilities, who are deeply affected by the climate crisis – who’s consistently neglected in the matter. 

People who are already exposed are automatically more exposed doing crises, and this story will provide insights about the groups we have to protect.  

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1531 journalists have been killed since 1993, according to UNESCO. The number of violent attacks against journalists – online and offline – is rising.

The safety of journalists has various angles, including the physical, psycho-social, digital, and legal aspects. The challenges vary per context.

There is not a single report worth of human life, but as a journalist, you can not hide all the time, you have to report. But where is the line between being too reckless or too cautious?Read More »Targeted

woman working with multiple screens posting content on social media with cms

Hashtagifying media

When you click on this article, you choose one piece of content out of an infinite amount. You live in a digitalized era with an overflow of information.

To attract your attention, news producers must rethink their content to fit search engines and social media, often with little or no financial return.

Digitalization has transformed the news. Consumption, distribution, and production have altered fundamentally. This poses challenges to journalism as we know it but also new opportunities.

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Holy sheet – How paper became a matter of survival for the printing press.

For decades the media community has been debating the future of print media. Is it necessary? And more importantly, will it survive under the pressure of digitalization?

And while there are still no answers to these questions, a new wave of challenges are rolling in on print media – prices for printing paper are growing exponentially. There are different ways to survive this crisis and each of them is risky and painful in their own way.

We researched the issue and asked experts and news editors what path they plan to take.

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All Women Are Women

Stefanie grew up as a man. Today she is a woman. A super-woman. Or is she?

Transwoman often face discrimination and challenges along their paths becoming a woman.

This project takes a look at being trans in the European Union, Ukraine and in Azerbaijan.

And what it takes to be a women.

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Super [Un]Usual

It is not about to define what a superwoman is.

We do not want to create more stereotypes or tell women what they are supposed to be or do – society already does a pretty good job at this.

“Superness” lies in everyday situations and every female. This story will introduce you to 4 different (but not so different) women. You will learn about their personal stories and get to see the power they show in their everyday life.

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But Can They Drive?

Female taxi drivers are still a rare sight. They face a growing demand by female customers, but also persisting male stereotypes.

Taxis in many countries are operated by men. This story explores the situation of the few women in the industry. What are their experiences? Why did they choose this profession? Is there a market for female-only taxis? And why are there so few women who become taxi drivers?

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