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Homeless in Europe

In the EU homelessness has more than doubled within the past 15 years. At the moment, there are almost 895,000 people who are homeless. Therefore, the EU has set a 2030 deadline to eradicate homelessness, mostly through housing-led initiatives.

As of right now, the only EU nations that have made any progress in decreasing homelessness are Finland and Denmark. While Austria has made substantial strides in reducing homelessness, still, the country’s consistently high rate of homeless people remains concerning – like in the rest of the EU’s member states.

Consequently, what is Austria lacking? And will the Finnish model continue to be the exception, or will the EU be able to improve the lives of around 900.000 people in just six years?

Multimedia feature

Made by Timo Buchhaus, Karine Asatryan, Marta Belia and Coralie Jensen

Mentor: Saskia Hödl

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