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Don`t toss it, donate it

In Ukraine about 95% of waste end up on landfills. This means that approximately five percent of the entire country is covered by dump sites. These huge piles of waste are not only nasty to look at and even worse to smell; they also have a lasting environmental impact and pose a risk to the communities living nearby.

So, how and where can the amount of recycled waste be increased, so it does not end up on a dump site?

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Beating means Loving

According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) over 1,1 million Ukrainian women suffer from physical, sexual
or emotional violence in their families. Only 10% of them will seek help.

There is a Ukrainian belief that beating means loving and inner conflicts should not be shared with others. Especially not with the police.

But there is a way out: The women’s shelter ‘Walnut House‘ offers help to women that reach out. Founded in 2010 as shelter for women in crisis, the shelter is largely funded by a catering service and three cafés in Lviv.

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Leaving or L(v)iving

Thousands of people are leaving Ukraine each year to escape low salaries and unemployment. Many of them are moving to neighbouring countries like Russia or Poland while others take on a long journey to work in North America. Most of them share the same goal: a better, wealthier life for themselves and their families.

This is a story about three people affected by emigration. One of them moved to New York in search of wealth and happiness. One changed continents to live with her family. And one settled in Lviv to pursue her dreams.

How do they feel about the changing face of Ukrainian society?

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ZIK is over

Political, industrial and financial groups are sponsoring the majority of Ukrainian media outlets which aren’t able to sustain themselves through subscription or advertising revenues. The owners can influence coverage and overturn editorial independence to use the outlets for their economical and political goals.This is a major democratic problem.

On June 14th 2019 popular TV-channel ZIK was bought by Taras Kozak, member of the Pro-Russian Opposition Platform Za Zhyttia (For Life). In the aftermath 400 Ukrainian journalists working at ZIK quit their jobs.

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Martial Youth

Young people in Vienna are learning values through combat sports

Walking into the school sports hall the air is thick with the sound of kicks. Here the kids of Austria practice combat sports and learn its values. With the training their teachers try to keep them  away from the troubles of youth.


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Let’s Work

While the overall number of unemployed people in Austria is sinking, the number of unemployed disabled people is rising.

We took a look at what does it mean to be a disabled person on the job market?

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A Way Out Of Waste

Reading the news can be depressing. One ‘record summer’ follows another, plastic pollutes our oceans and people still starve to death while 1/3 of our food production ends up in the trash.

But there’s hope.

This is a story about three ambitious projects and the people behind them.

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