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Barking up the wrong trees

The climate crisis is an existential threat to everyone, everywhere, anytime. But still, sometimes other crises are dominating the news. Sometimes this is justified – like during a pandemic or in the middle of a war. But in Austria there is a lot of talk about migration … as if it was a similar threat. When and why journalists are barking up the wrong tree.

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Operation Climate

Over the decades, protests and demonstrations against the climate crisis have changed and evolved into civil disobedience. The question we want to address is, how effective are those protests in our day and age and how do we get people to care, especially those who believe we are too far gone or have developed a high level of apathy. Activists, passivists, experts and authoritative figures weigh in on this crucial issue. 

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Climate Injustice

This is not another story about climate change. 

It’s a tale about the vulnerable groups, elderly people, kids, women, people with disabilities, who are deeply affected by the climate crisis – who’s consistently neglected in the matter. 

People who are already exposed are automatically more exposed doing crises, and this story will provide insights about the groups we have to protect.  

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